Turmeric Tea

What it is and why it’s good for you.

Turmeric has been know for thousands of years as a healing spice. Some cultures refer to it as the spice of life, others as nature’s oldest healer. Here in Canada it’s not as well know for its amazing contributions to our health. Well hopefully I can change that, introducing Kangen Turmeric Tea.

What Makes this tea different?

Our tea is made with 100% Okinawa Turmeric. It is grown in Yanaru on the northern tip of the Okinawa island. Farming here is done exclusively for the purpose of making this Kangen tea and Ukon turmeric Supplements (available in Canada soon). Kangens dedicated farms are 100% free of harmful chemicals used in lower quality faming or mass-produced brands.

Regular over the counter anti-inflammatories can take its toll on our body in the long run, causing all types of side effects like nausea, stomach issues and so much more… Turmeric naturally contains the same pain blocking enzyme (COX-2) used in most over the counter pain medication without all the intense side effects.

Research shows that due to its high anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant properties it’s great for boosting the immune system, strengthening your body, general body aches and pains along with reports of overall feelings of a healthier body. The Essential guide to women’s Herbal medicine (Gilbert 2015) lists turmeric as the first line of herbal care for Endometriosis and other lady related problems.

The science is there, the quality is there, all that’s left is you. Are you tired of everything else? Have you felt you tried it all? Here is a time tested product with over 40 years of experience and The Gold Standard seal of quality Canadians trust.

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