Wheel Of the Year

I like to call this the Celebration Calendar. With-in the cycle of a year, we hit eight major markers of the earths cycle of life. These mark the old ways and the seasonal changes within the natural world around us. Although it is debatable when the year “starts” for argument sake, Yule is most commonly found at the top of the wheel so we will start from there.

Yule- Celebrating the beginning of Winter, Winter Solstice. Dec 21.

Imbolc-Celebrating the half way point between winter and spring, Feb 2.

Ostara- Celebrating the beginning of Spring, Spring Equinox, Mar 21.

Beltane-Celebrating the half way point between Spring and Summer, May 1.

Lithia- Celebrating the beginning of Summer, Summer Solstice. June 21

Lammas-Celebrating the half way point between Summer and Fall, First Harvest, Aug 1.

Mabon-Celebrating the beginning of Fall, Fall Equinox.Sept 21

Samhain-Celebrating the half way point between Fall and Winter, Oct 31

As we move past Samhain and back into Yule, it closes the circle and creates an never ending cycle of the year.

Imbolc Reading

As the wheel of the year continues on, the sun is getting warmer and we begin to dream of spring. I am offering an Imbolc readings as the sun gain strength in February . Spring is in the air and everyone and everything can feel it, the build up of energy is spewing out in all directions. Spring cleaning and new opportunities are sneaking up on us. This spread can help find a focus, a path or maybe just give clarity on a current project.

Imbolc Reading

Card 1. What needs to be planted in your life.

Card 2. Where your blessing are.

Card 3. How the Goddess can guide you.

Card 4. What you need to work on

Card 5. What will come back to you

Card 6. Opportunities to watch for

Imbolc Spread

Seasonal Spread


No time? No problem!

If you feel like you dont have the time for readong, no problem. I offer e-readings. Your time, your reading, your way. Book Now or email for more information.

Have a question?

Do you have a question for the cards? Ask, see what insite they have for you.

A Witch’s Beginning

With love and light I welcome you to my blog. It is my hope that here I will be able to spread love, light and knowledge of the magickal world around us. In this blog I will cover topics such as Tarot reading, Plamitsry, Gifts, Tea Leaf reading and much more.

I consider myself a green witch, I believe the kitchen is the heart of any home and thus a very special space, I live by the seasons change and thrive best in the sun. I will answer questions, post topics of intrest, and share information I feel can make the world a brighter place.

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