A Yuletide Reading

As with most of the season changes and select occasions around the wheel of the year, I offer my Yuletide reading. A comprehensive look into the energies playing in your life at this time of year.

For many, this is a time of love, light and celebration, but for other it’s a time of sadness and darkness. Whatever this season mean to you, the energies are all around you.

With this spread I am able to show you things such as…

What energies are playing in your current situation, the hard work you have accomplished this year, how love is shown in your life, what of life’s sweetnesses to celebrate. I can also bring into light the the fragile things that need a bit of extra care, the things that make you unique, lessons you need to learn, what ringing in the new year could look like, hidden and unexpected events, and finally found at the tip top of the tree, is a star messages from the divine universe for further reflection and self growth.

This 11 card spread is available for a limited time. Book now!

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