Yuletide Tree


This is a international symbol that brings people joy, friendship and family. With a shine that can make even the coldest days feel warm, the yule tree is known even to those who do not celebrate the holidays with a tree. How did it all start?

Some say in ancient times, evergreen conifers were left outdoors and decorated with hanging candles on the darkest day of the year, the winter solstice. These trees were then decorated in representative and remembrance of the souls of those who have departed over the course of the year. They hung small gifts on the tree as offerings to the gods and goddesses.

In other parts of the world, evergreens were seen as the eternal aspect of the goddess and her never ending life. The trees were brought inside on the winter solstice decorated and celebrated with the seasons change. It was then up to the people to love and care for the tree, for it to bring light and joy in the dark season. Also giving a place for the woodland spirits to play on a cold winter’s night.


This post is particularly meaningful to me. This year I am finding it difficult to balance between traditions and societies pull. For some reason, this year I felt the pull of society and its need to begin decorating mid to late in November. Part of me felt my son might be missing out if I didn’t do it, the other part of me now feels horrible for not sticking to tradition. Ahh well here is to a longer season with my tree. ❤ Blessed Be.

2 Comments on “Yuletide Tree

  1. You have more power and influence as a parent than you might credit yourself for. I believe the messages you share with your child now and the meaning you assign your traditions will go forward with your son and become part of his adult story, whether they are transmitted through old traditions or new, or a mix of the two. Your post has inspired me to read up on solstice practices and weave some into my traditional festive celebrations. We in the North are particularly connected to earth’s seasons and the ebb and flow of light and life throughout the year. Perhaps it makes more sense to embrace the darkness to quiet ourselves and rest than to throw more kilowatts at it!

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    • Thank you for your contribution to my webpage. You are very right. The dark times should be for reflection. And thank you for reminding me of the influence I have on my son ♡♡


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