Readings from a Distance

When it comes to tarot cards and even palm reading to a point, we do not have to be in the same room. How do you ask? the answer is in each of us.

It’s all in our connected energy. Energy is everywhere and has been found in the histories of all since before the age of man. Now with the advancements of technology we can see different energy fields and waves not normally visible to the human eye. Opening yourself up to an online reading, works in the same way as sending out an email or a phone call, as soon as the message reaches me, we now have a connection that wasn’t there before. I can use that to form a deeper energy connection that will allow the energy to be transferred to the cards if that is your wish.

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No matter the media you choose the energy is still yours, I am just the interpreter .

Current Options for tarot readings are:

  • Phone call
  • E-mail
  • Personal Messages
  • Video chats

If you have a preferred method not already listed, we can discuss options more upon connecting. Im here to do what I can for you.

A fall reading

Distant Payment Options include: Email Money Transfer or Paypal Link

For more Information on readings, click here

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