Party Readings

I am happy to annouce we are now offering group readings.

The Radiant Witch

Price can vary depending on party detail such as

  • Group size
  • Traditional Tarot party
  • Tea leaf party
  • Palm readings
  • Power of three, readings.

This will include a 10 to 15 minute comprehensive reading per guest, reading decor, table if needed will be provided. The Radiant Witch will be the live entertainment everyone talks about. Dressed to impress, think of us when planing your next gathering.

Cost starts at $160 an hour, this will not include any traveling costs, or costs involved with getting to the party, ie. Parking, or toll costs. Additional $20 PER 15KM of traveled outside her district and will be applied to total at time of booking.

Call or Email us to book your party today


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