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I’m so excited to show off this new menu tab! Greeting Cards By: Rose. What an exciting milestone.

Blank Cards/Original Prints

Spray paint, acrylic, pastels, you name it she plays with it. She is known for her creativity using things in her environment, painting with brushes, stencils, lids and even cedar branches. She will sometimes use other materials around her just depends what shes’ feeling

Imbolc Reading

As the wheel of the year continues on, the sun is getting warmer and we begin to dream of spring. I am offering an Imbolc readings as the sun gain strength in February . Spring is in the air and everyone and everything can feel it, the build up of energy is spewing out in all directions. Spring cleaning and new opportunities are sneaking up on us. This spread can help find a focus, a path or maybe just give clarity on a current project.

Imbolc Reading

Card 1. What needs to be planted in your life.

Card 2. Where your blessing are.

Card 3. How the Goddess can guide you.

Card 4. What you need to work on

Card 5. What will come back to you

Card 6. Opportunities to watch for


Imbolc Spread

Seasonal Spread


A Yuletide Reading

As with most of the season changes and select occasions around the wheel of the year, I offer my Yuletide reading. A comprehensive look into the energies playing in your life at this time of year.

For many, this is a time of love, light and celebration, but for other it’s a time of sadness and darkness. Whatever this season mean to you, the energies are all around you.

With this spread I am able to show you things such as…

What energies are playing in your current situation, the hard work you have accomplished this year, how love is shown in your life, what of life’s sweetnesses to celebrate. I can also bring into light the the fragile things that need a bit of extra care, the things that make you unique, lessons you need to learn, what ringing in the new year could look like, hidden and unexpected events, and finally found at the tip top of the tree, is a star messages from the divine universe for further reflection and self growth.

This 11 card spread is available for a limited time. Book now!

Yuletide Tree


This is a international symbol that brings people joy, friendship and family. With a shine that can make even the coldest days feel warm, the yule tree is known even to those who do not celebrate the holidays with a tree. How did it all start?

Some say in ancient times, evergreen conifers were left outdoors and decorated with hanging candles on the darkest day of the year, the winter solstice. These trees were then decorated in representative and remembrance of the souls of those who have departed over the course of the year. They hung small gifts on the tree as offerings to the gods and goddesses.

In other parts of the world, evergreens were seen as the eternal aspect of the goddess and her never ending life. The trees were brought inside on the winter solstice decorated and celebrated with the seasons change. It was then up to the people to love and care for the tree, for it to bring light and joy in the dark season. Also giving a place for the woodland spirits to play on a cold winter’s night.


This post is particularly meaningful to me. This year I am finding it difficult to balance between traditions and societies pull. For some reason, this year I felt the pull of society and its need to begin decorating mid to late in November. Part of me felt my son might be missing out if I didn’t do it, the other part of me now feels horrible for not sticking to tradition. Ahh well here is to a longer season with my tree. ❤ Blessed Be.

Readings from a Distance

When it comes to tarot cards and even palm reading to a point, we do not have to be in the same room. How do you ask? the answer is in each of us.

It’s all in our connected energy. Energy is everywhere and has been found in the histories of all since before the age of man. Now with the advancements of technology we can see different energy fields and waves not normally visible to the human eye. Opening yourself up to an online reading, works in the same way as sending out an email or a phone call, as soon as the message reaches me, we now have a connection that wasn’t there before. I can use that to form a deeper energy connection that will allow the energy to be transferred to the cards if that is your wish.

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No matter the media you choose the energy is still yours, I am just the interpreter .

Current Options for tarot readings are:

  • Phone call
  • E-mail
  • Personal Messages
  • Video chats

If you have a preferred method not already listed, we can discuss options more upon connecting. Im here to do what I can for you.

A fall reading

Distant Payment Options include: Email Money Transfer or Paypal Link

For more Information on readings, click here

Acrylic Creations

Meet the artist behind the lathe.

Fall Equinox

As the fall equinox falls upon us, so does the begining of the dark season. The Equinox marks the time of year the sun light and darkness are of equal length. From this point the darkness has won and she begins to take over the light. We are left with shorter days and long cold nights to relax and reflect what the busy year has brought. Its important to reflect on the things you have accomplished and morn the things you did not attain this year. Changes are always happening, let me show you what energies are coming your way. I can give you an insight on the things were holding you back maybe pick up on the things you need to leave behind to atain the goals you are working towards.

Mabon Reading

Book your appointment today!

Party Readings

I am happy to annouce we are now offering group readings.

The Radiant Witch

Price can vary depending on party detail such as

  • Group size
  • Traditional Tarot party
  • Tea leaf party
  • Palm readings
  • Power of three, readings.

This will include a 10 to 15 minute comprehensive reading per guest, reading decor, table if needed will be provided. The Radiant Witch will be the live entertainment everyone talks about. Dressed to impress, think of us when planing your next gathering.

Cost starts at $160 an hour, this will not include any traveling costs, or costs involved with getting to the party, ie. Parking, or toll costs. Additional $20 PER 15KM of traveled outside her district and will be applied to total at time of booking.

Call or Email us to book your party today


Tea Reading

Tea readings.
So excited to add the latest to my daily life. Anyone who knows me, knows that tea is my life. I have shown a curiosity in tea leaf reading since I was young. So excited to have the opportunity to practice and connect with the universe on such a personal level. Bless my sister who gave me this gift.

My Cup
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